The r+ Journal

Storm Beckons

Nature's power unleashed as the storm beckons.
Sep 2023

Nature and Development

It is possible for nature and development to coexist beautifully.
Sep 2023

The Tree Line

Kampot's farmland is home to some stunning scenery. At this rubber plantation, one can see a horizon line among the rubber trees. When nature and agriculture combine, the view often gets all the more interesting!
Sep 2023

Seeking "Greener" Pastures

In Kampot's countryside, there are seemingly endless fields of green, where I felt comforted amidst nature. There, I chatted with my friend, who I will refer to as Keith for privacy reasons, a farmer, who shared that he hoped to move to urban Kampot to live more comfortably one day. Returning home to Singapore last […]
Sep 2023

Evolving an Ecosystem

It's another busy work week for us at r+. While I waited to cross the road at the side of a junction in Kampot, I observed some farmers cutting tall grass. Curious, I asked them why they needed the grass. They answered that they were cutting the grass for cattle feed for their neighbouring farmer, […]
Sep 2023

Making Waves In Kampot

Cost of living. This buzzword is often tossed around, usually with anger and frustration. With the escalating cost of living, where, how and when can one retire? The answer to two of those is Kampot. While Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, Kampot is just a two-and-a-half hour drive away from its hustle and […]
Aug 2023

A Bright Idea

With its proximity to the equator, Kampot receives an average of 12.6 hours of sunshine per day. r+ takes advantage of these long hours of sun exposure by harvesting solar energy with our solar panels. This way, we apply eco-friendly, renewable energy to decrease our carbon footprint on the local environment.
Jul 2023

Beauty of Nature

Even in the midst of a bustling city during the day, the beauty of nature shines through and lifts our souls as dawn breaks.
Jul 2023


When planning for the exterior of the r+ cafe | grains, I was asked why we chose rice. There are several reasons. First, it is a good way to preserve the horizontal aspect of the land. Secondly, we wanted a plant that is both aesthetically pleasing and a crop that we can harvest. Thirdly, we […]
Jul 2023


Recently in Kampot, I chanced upon what seemed to be a curry puff, complete with the signature green dot on the pastry skin! However, when I bit into the pastry, the filling was made with Mung Bean (which incidentally tasted sweet beneath the pastry crust). It was then I thought about Cambodian Kuehs, and how […]
Jul 2023


Back in ancient Greece, the Greeks had something called an agora, an informal open space where people came together to socialise and engage in discussions. Nowadays, us Singaporeans have our Community Centres and Kopitiams as communal spaces to meet and interact. The Internet has also provided platforms ranging from virtual chat rooms to large-scale professional […]
Jul 2023

Rustic Roads

We often don't take notice of the roads we travel on, taking them for granted. The roads in Kampot have a rustic charm to them, blending in with the natural environment and complementing it. At r+, we endeavour to work with the environment and local communities' best attributes, complementing and value-adding each other to create […]
Jul 2023


Along the highway in Kampot, you can often see Fruit sellers displaying their wares along the road, such as jackfruit and pineapple. Typically, two pineapples cost just US$1.50. r+ and our partners appreciate these indicators of simpler living, and take pride in making responsible choices for the environment and the communities that depend on it […]
Jul 2023

I Avocadon't Believe it!

Would you have expected avocados from Kampot? Kampot Avocados are similar to their South American cousin, with an oval shape, while also having their beloved taste. r+ uncovers the hidden gems of nature and shares them with you!
Jul 2023


What are trails? How do trails begin and what do they become? Where we are at in Kampot is near a limestone cave that is hidden behind plantations. Along these plantations is a trail that locals and even some foreigners use when they cycle to work everyday. The trail is not very well planned, a […]
Jul 2023

Bigger and Batter

Scallion pancakes (cong you bing) are a staple of Taiwanese breakfasts. There are several styles for preparing it, such as twirling, scrolling, and flattening. The r+ team first served up scallion pancakes - in a fluffy "prata" style - back in 2019. Their interesting texture made them a hit, and we were sold out in […]
Jun 2023


Due to rising temperatures from climate change, Sanxing scallion farmers are suffering losses from failed or reduced scallion crops. r+ endeavours to make responsible and sustainable choices, reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible, while providing world-class service to our guests.
Jun 2023

A Spring in Our Step!

Sanxing Township in Yilan County, Taiwan, is renowned for its scallions. Called Sanxing Scallions, or Four Seasons Scallions, they grow up to 1 metre in height! Their ideal growing conditions comprise heavy rainfall and a large variation in daily temperatures. The scallions are known for their juiciness, sharp peppery taste, and high nutrition level. At […]
Jun 2023

Beauty of Taipingshan

Taipingshan is full of lush greenery and vegetation, like Taiwan cypress, Taiwan hemlock, and Japanese cypress. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of a modern city. r+ prides itself in providing precious experiences while also being respectful to the local environment and atmosphere. Our r+ resorts sit lightly on the […]
Jun 2023

Watermelon Smile

As we wind down for the week, we'd like to take a moment to highlight the watermelon farm near Lumo'an, Yilan. The farm produces a variety of fresh produce, inspiring us to create wholesome dishes using the fruits of the farmers' labour. At r+ resorts and dining concepts, we make use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients […]
Jun 2023

r+ Farm Cycle weekly challenge

Cycling through the lush green fields and vibrant local farms of Kampot with r+ Farm Cycle Challenge 2023 was an unforgettable experience. Not only did we have a blast exploring the natural beauty of the region, but we also learned so much about local farming practices in Kampot #rplusfarmcyclekampot2023
Jun 2023

Sakura Ebi and Kampot Pepper

Stir-Fried Taiwan Cabbage with Sakura Ebi, is a humble yet delicious dish. But to me, this is one of the best dishes in the world. The first ingredient is Sakura Ebi. Belying its small size, they are vey tasty. However, there are only 2 countries in which this variety of shrimps can be caught: Japan […]
Jun 2023

I Dream of Padi

With a new week, we take a moment to admire the scenery of the Taiwan Farmland Landscape in Yilan. Plateaus of green are co-exist with man-made structures like concrete drains and the occasional pylon. Taiwanese planning and infrastructure for these farmlands are a sight to behold, with each field having 2 drains, one for fresh […]
Jun 2023

A Concrete Plan

I've been quite busy over the past week as I travel between Singapore, Cambodia and Taiwan. One thing struck me when I was in Taiwan was the concrete dividers and drains in the Padi fields. It is a common sight to see these Padi Fields with concrete drains by the side of the tarmac road. […]
Jun 2023


As summer arrives, watermelon is a classic fruit to beat the heat! Above is a picture of r+ lumo'an located in Taiwan. Nestled in a gorge along Taiping Shan in Yilan, away from the hustle and bustle, is a watermelon farm. Farmers make use of modern technology to cultivate a classic Taiwanese Fruit that is […]
Jun 2023

Man or the Sea?

Preparations continue for r+ cafe | grains. While discussions continue with our chef, the scenery caught our attention. For locals in Kampot, the sea has always been a source of their livelihoods, providing sustenance and income with the seafood fishermen catch. A question then came to mind: Where does our fish come from? A case […]
Jun 2023

Relishing the Local

We are casting for inspiration at local establishments as we sample foods to shortlist the best representatives of Kampot cuisine. r+ is launching a "Flavors of Kampot" dining concept, where we'll be featuring a different chef regularly at r+ cafe | grains. Diners can expect mouth-watering dishes prepared with world-class techniques and service.
May 2023

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper "Kampot is a town of many wonders - it’s got the sea, the mountains, the rivers, GI salt and GI pepper, the farm stays and the laid back old French town feel. I would live in Kampot." - Andy Goh, Founder and CEO of r+ Kampot is home to wonderful local produce. […]
May 2023

Right on Track

While work continues on r+ cafe | grains, we're taking a moment to appreciate the train network in Kampot, Cambodia. While our MRT system in Singapore is modern and largely subterranean, most trains in Kampot exude a rustic feel, with cargo being trundled from station to station. These trains chug through the countryside amidst natural […]
May 2023

A Ripe Opportunity

Our R&D team is just in with a scoop! We are working with Jonah Foods to upcycle unsold mangoes into mango ice cream. This ice cream has 0% added sugars and no milk, yet possesses the creamy texture we crave. Development is still ongoing for Jonah Foods, and the ice cream is expected to become […]
May 2023

Mango Sticky Situation

The farmers of Kampot cultivate several types of mangoes, known by their local names as Keo Romeat, Phomsen and Keo Chen. At this time of the year, the weather is balmy and mangoes are plentiful. However, these fruits may not always reach the processing plants in time or the demand is insufficient, leading to perfectly […]
May 2023

New Friends and Partnerships

This photo was taken from a friend's farm in Kampot. Specifically, my friend Lai Poon Piau, the Founder of Hong Spices and our pepper supplier for r+ cafe | grains. I first met Poon Piau on 26 April and we both hit it off with our similar ideologies and our belief that business, local cultures […]
May 2023

A Union of Farm and Nature

While checking out the spice fields at Hong Spices Farm, the scenery caught our attention - crops on one side and wilderness on the other - yet, despite their differences, the effect is one of harmony. Just like this scene, r+ supports meaningful exchanges that complement one another and the environment. We believe that business […]
May 2023

A Spicy Partnership

Great food requires great ingredients. In view of the upcoming opening of r+ cafe | grains, we paid a visit to Hong Spices to check out the famous Kampot Peppers intending to source from them. With a heart for the environment, r+ supports local businesses while offering world-class quality. We appreciate our excellent partnerships with […]
May 2023

Heart at Work

Work continues apace with the construction of r+ cafe | grains. With the masterful completion of the frame, our guest installer, Gakir, returns to Singapore. We thank him for his invaluable contribution. Gakir, a Bangladeshi based in Singapore, is an expert installer. "I totally enjoyed the trip and will love to come back to Kampot! […]
May 2023

Sprucing Things Up

With the roofing completed, work has begun on the interior fit-out of r+ cafe | grains. For the flooring, we sourced local Chengal timber, a tropical hardwood which has undergone processing and advanced treatment. Bit by bit, we're building meaningful exchanges with local communities at multiple levels to create mutually beneficial outcomes.
May 2023

About Lort Cha

While dining at a Kampot cafe, one local dish caught my eye: fried noodles, fried egg, vegetables and spam, served with a chili dip. This might ring a bell for those of us familiar with Fried Bee Hoon. The dish is called Loh See Fun, or as Cambodians term it, Lort Cha. Struck by this […]
May 2023

Local Power

We held a trial run for the assembly of the structure of our r+ modules. With help from our local team, we managed to assemble a 3.5m x 3.5m framework in just 90 minutes. Proactive local collaborations, swift to construct, and with minimal impact on the land - these are just a few cornerstones of […]
May 2023

A Moment to Frame

Work is well underway on our r+ dining and accommodation modules as the first framework is hoisted into place. Unifying tradition and modernity, we're literally framing our future with the environment and local communities in mind.
May 2023

A New Dawn

We're working around the clock, preparing the ground for our latest dining and accommodation venture. The framework for our lightweight r+ modules is almost complete. Each unit sits on a raised platform in anticipation of the approaching rainy season.
May 2023

r+ & Phillip Bank Joint Farm Cycle Kampot 2023

We had a blast at the r+ & Phillip Bank Cambodia Joint Farm Cycle Kampot 2023! More than 60 participants had joined us to cycle through the beautiful farms and communities of Kampot, Cambodia, in order to raise money for Smile Cambodia Organization. We're so grateful to everyone who came out and supported the event. […]
May 2023

r+ modules' evolution

We're happy to share that R&D for the third generation of our modules is underway!
Mar 2023

r+ Singapore farm cycle prizewinners' draw

We held our r+ Singapore farm cycle prizewinners' draw at the Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) on 18 February 2023. The event, titled A Green Saturday with r+, attracted almost 30 participants, and began with a tour of GUI which showcased its social initiatives. This was followed by an informative micro-greens workshop where participants were educated on […]
Feb 2023

Assets for Better Outcomes

As hospitality managers for Kampot Park and Sarita Riverhouses, r+, in conjunction with Landform, held a seminar at The Hive Lavender. Sales Manager Maverick Maung addressed opportunities in land banking and real estate, while Senior Marketing Consultant Emeric Lau covered the appeal of Kampot and Cambodia, as well as the r+ ecosystem.
Feb 2023

The r+ Singapore Farm Cycle has ended!

Join us for the Prize drawing ceremony as well as a Kampong Tour and Micro-greens workshop. 18 Feb 2023, Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm Ground-up Initiative (Gathering Space) 91 Lorong Chencharu, SIngapore 769201 Refreshments and goodie bags will be distributed to all participants - see you there! Sign up in the link below by 10 Feb […]
Feb 2023

Next Generation Design Solutions Perfected: r+ koh rong

Our architects envisaged fresh tropical modernism for the villas at r+ koh rong. As with the construction of any hospitality establishment, there will be countless architectural problems to tackle - from structural aspects such as building integrity and floorplans, to environmental preservation and guest experiences - there are requirements aplenty to be fulfilled in order […]
Jan 2023

HURRY!There are just three more weeks to go.

Open to all r+ farm cycle participants: win an additional prize of a 4-day tour to Kampot for two*, all expenses paid. Attend our online webinar, watch our event video and leave a comment, or book a session with our team to learn about Co-farming For a Better Tomorrow to qualify to win. The additional […]
Jan 2023

The Case For Regenerative Travel

“When you travel, it has to be a journey of purpose, meaning, discovery, adventure, exploration and learning! I think after Covid-19, we have to turn from being tourists of this planet, to pilgrims of this planet.” ~ Satish Kumar The post-Covid era has sparked the rebirth of many industries around the world, and tourism is […]
Jan 2023

r+ Singapore Farm Cycle 2022 Extended!

There's still time to join in the fun of the r+ Singapore Farm Cycle 2022 as we are extending the event deadline till 31 Jan 2023! More info below For participants who missed our previous net zero events, do join us for an online talk at 3pm on 13 Jan 2023 - this will […]
Dec 2022

Changing Behaviors: Sustainable Tourism

Our Founder and CEO, Andy Goh, was part of a Greater Club panel talk advocating for sustainable tourism at the Greater Room on 3rd Nov. Andy shared the r+ vision of a circular, holistic ecosystem which is self-sustaining and that uplifts the lives of its members, partners and local communities wherever r+ destinations operate. The […]

Realising Net-Zero Living

In the course of our everyday lives, we engage in activities that leave a residual trail of carbon emissions. At r+, our growing awareness against climate crisis.
Oct 2022

Changing Behaviors: Sustainable Tourism Panel Talk

r+ CEO and Founder, Andy Goh, will be delivering a panel talk on Sustainable Tourism in collaboration with the Greater Club. Join us to uncover how hospitality is evolving for the better in light of the ongoing climate crisis. Visit for more info.
Jul 2022

Envisioning a Net-Zero Future

As r+ continues to impart memorable luxury experiences across spectacular locales all around Asia, our commitment towards environmental conservation remains steadfast.
Jul 2022

Inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+

We're charting the way forward for eco-friendly developments. The inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+ was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Watch this space for information on our next seminar.

Transforming Hospitality Through Design

r+ is a return to fundamentals — an avenue in which we tune in to nature by respecting one another and our environment.

Our founder, Andy Goh, was just featured on ChannelNewsAsia

Our founder, Andy Goh, was just featured on ChannelNewsAsia The Singapore company building luxury hotels in Asia using shipping container units Link:
Feb 2022

r+ Brand Launch in Cambodia

Thank you for taking the time to attend our brand launch in Cambodia. We hope you're as excited as we are about the upcoming resorts and their holistic ecosystems.
Jan 2022

Assembling Destination in Unique Surroundings

We're putting together a series of resorts that comprise moveable modular units that sit lightly on the land. This means we can build a full luxury resort in under half a year, manage it for a time and then move it elsewhere, with minimal impact on the environment.
Jan 2022
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