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Our founder, Andy Goh, was just featured on ChannelNewsAsia

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Our founder, Andy Goh, was just featured on ChannelNewsAsia

The Singapore company building luxury hotels in Asia using shipping container units

Link: https://cnaluxury.channelnewsasia.com/people/singapore-hospitality-brand-r-andy-goh-194336

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16 May 2023
Sprucing Things Up

With the roofing completed, work has begun on the interior fit-out of r+ cafe | grains. For the flooring, we sourced local Chengal timber, a tropical hardwood which has undergone processing and advanced treatment. Bit by bit, we're building meaningful exchanges with local communities at multiple levels to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

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10 September 2023
The Tree Line

Kampot's farmland is home to some stunning scenery. At this rubber plantation, one can see a horizon line among the rubber trees. When nature and agriculture combine, the view often gets all the more interesting!

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