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Sanxing Township in Yilan County, Taiwan, is renowned for its scallions. Called Sanxing Scallions, or Four Seasons Scallions, they grow up to 1 metre in height!

Their ideal growing conditions comprise heavy rainfall and a large variation in daily temperatures. The scallions are known for their juiciness, sharp peppery taste, and high nutrition level.

At r+, we revel in spotlighting local ingredients. Come taste the goodness of Sanxing Scallions!

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19 January 2022
Building resorts, farms and communities – for life.
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23 June 2023

Due to rising temperatures from climate change, Sanxing scallion farmers are suffering losses from failed or reduced scallion crops. r+ endeavours to make responsible and sustainable choices, reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible, while providing world-class service to our guests.

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