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Work continues apace with the construction of r+ cafe | grains. With the masterful completion of the frame, our guest installer, Gakir, returns to Singapore. We thank him for his invaluable contribution.

Gakir, a Bangladeshi based in Singapore, is an expert installer.

"I totally enjoyed the trip and will love to come back to Kampot! "

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19 May 2023
A Spicy Partnership

Great food requires great ingredients. In view of the upcoming opening of r+ cafe | grains, we paid a visit to Hong Spices to check out the famous Kampot Peppers intending to source from them. With a heart for the environment, r+ supports local businesses while offering world-class quality. We appreciate our excellent partnerships with […]

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13 March 2023
r+ modules' evolution

We're happy to share that R&D for the third generation of our modules is underway!

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