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Salt and Pepper

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Salt and Pepper

"Kampot is a town of many wonders - it’s got the sea, the mountains, the rivers, GI salt and GI pepper, the farm stays and the laid back old French town feel. I would live in Kampot."

- Andy Goh, Founder and CEO of r+

Kampot is home to wonderful local produce. Salt and pepper are a mainstay for many dining establishments because of their flavor-enhancing properties. With Kampot being a source of sea salt and Kampot pepper, our dishes at r+ cafe | grains are sure to be an odyssey for the tastebuds.

Synergising local specialties with world class service is what we do at r+.

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26 May 2023
Right on Track

While work continues on r+ cafe | grains, we're taking a moment to appreciate the train network in Kampot, Cambodia. While our MRT system in Singapore is modern and largely subterranean, most trains in Kampot exude a rustic feel, with cargo being trundled from station to station. These trains chug through the countryside amidst natural […]

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12 May 2023
Local Power

We held a trial run for the assembly of the structure of our r+ modules. With help from our local team, we managed to assemble a 3.5m x 3.5m framework in just 90 minutes. Proactive local collaborations, swift to construct, and with minimal impact on the land - these are just a few cornerstones of […]

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