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Salt and Pepper

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Salt and Pepper

"Kampot is a town of many wonders - it’s got the sea, the mountains, the rivers, GI salt and GI pepper, the farm stays and the laid back old French town feel. I would live in Kampot."

- Andy Goh, Founder and CEO of r+

Kampot is home to wonderful local produce. Salt and pepper are a mainstay for many dining establishments because of their flavor-enhancing properties. With Kampot being a source of sea salt and Kampot pepper, our dishes at r+ cafe | grains are sure to be an odyssey for the tastebuds.

Synergising local specialties with world class service is what we do at r+.

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31 May 2023
Relishing the Local

We are casting for inspiration at local establishments as we sample foods to shortlist the best representatives of Kampot cuisine. r+ is launching a "Flavors of Kampot" dining concept, where we'll be featuring a different chef regularly at r+ cafe | grains. Diners can expect mouth-watering dishes prepared with world-class techniques and service.

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12 May 2023
A Moment to Frame

Work is well underway on our r+ dining and accommodation modules as the first framework is hoisted into place. Unifying tradition and modernity, we're literally framing our future with the environment and local communities in mind.

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