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While work continues on r+ cafe | grains, we're taking a moment to appreciate the train network in Kampot, Cambodia. While our MRT system in Singapore is modern and largely subterranean, most trains in Kampot exude a rustic feel, with cargo being trundled from station to station. These trains chug through the countryside amidst natural and beautiful landscapes that harbour great potential if sensitively developed.

As we journey into a brighter tomorrow, r+ supports meaningful exchanges, working in tandem with the environment and local communities.

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5 July 2022
Inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+

We're charting the way forward for eco-friendly developments. The inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+ was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Watch this space for information on our next seminar.

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14 May 2023
About Lort Cha

While dining at a Kampot cafe, one local dish caught my eye: fried noodles, fried egg, vegetables and spam, served with a chili dip. This might ring a bell for those of us familiar with Fried Bee Hoon. The dish is called Loh See Fun, or as Cambodians term it, Lort Cha. Struck by this […]

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