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I Dream of Padi

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With a new week, we take a moment to admire the scenery of the Taiwan Farmland Landscape in Yilan. Plateaus of green are co-exist with man-made structures like concrete drains and the occasional pylon. Taiwanese planning and infrastructure for these farmlands are a sight to behold, with each field having 2 drains, one for fresh water and one for discharge.

At r+, we strive to work in harmony with the local environment to achieve sustainable growth for all by planning for the new rural.

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28 September 2023
Storm Beckons

Nature's power unleashed as the storm beckons.

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21 July 2023

Recently in Kampot, I chanced upon what seemed to be a curry puff, complete with the signature green dot on the pastry skin! However, when I bit into the pastry, the filling was made with Mung Bean (which incidentally tasted sweet beneath the pastry crust). It was then I thought about Cambodian Kuehs, and how […]

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