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The Case For Regenerative Travel

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“When you travel, it has to be a journey of purpose, meaning, discovery, adventure, exploration and learning! I think after Covid-19, we have to turn from being tourists of this planet, to pilgrims of this planet.”

~ Satish Kumar

The post-Covid era has sparked the rebirth of many industries around the world, and tourism is likewise swiftly recovering. With travelers yearning for that long-awaited vacation, hospitality players are constantly innovating new experiences that define what it’s like to travel differently.

Whilst luxury is undoubtedly a key requirement that upscale hotels and resorts boast, r+ believes in a stay experience that also reflects our commitment towards environmental conservation. The climate crisis has steered the vast majority of consumers towards adopting LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability), with organic foods and ecotourism being mainstays. Cambodia makes an ideal setting to develop holistic living. Renowned for its rich heritage and traditional delicacies, tourists are treated to the fresh local produce of the flourishing farmlands of the Indochina region. r+ has laid blueprints for the building of our villas on Cambodia's Koh Rong island. Known as an “island paradise” by many tourists, the r+ koh rong villas aim to encapsulate the beauty of their hilltop location while promoting spiritual and mental wellness through immersing in nature.

But it’s far more than lounging in hammocks and drinking in the sweeping vistas...

Pristine waters and lush greenery greet arrivals at Koh Rong island, adjacent to the Koh Rong Marine National Park.

r+ is also a proponent of environmental stewardship – a practice that we advocate towards staff and guests alike. From something as simple as purchasing a handful of carbon credits as a member of the r+ community, these collective efforts go towards the funding of large-scale carbon projects such as reforestation. From farm-to-table hotel meals to the purchasing of organic products at our newly- conceptualized store – r+ harvest, all these contribute towards the goal of responsible, regenerative travelling.

While it is relative easy to replicate a luxury experience, r+ personalizes every resort location to ensure that a balance between wellbeing and sustainability is struck. Giving back to the environment during our stays makes the travel experiences far more meaningful.

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