r+ Journal

A New Dawn

hello world!

We're working around the clock, preparing the ground for our latest dining and accommodation venture.

The framework for our lightweight r+ modules is almost complete. Each unit sits on a raised platform in anticipation of the approaching rainy season.

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6 June 2023
I Dream of Padi

With a new week, we take a moment to admire the scenery of the Taiwan Farmland Landscape in Yilan. Plateaus of green are co-exist with man-made structures like concrete drains and the occasional pylon. Taiwanese planning and infrastructure for these farmlands are a sight to behold, with each field having 2 drains, one for fresh […]

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5 July 2022
Inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+

We're charting the way forward for eco-friendly developments. The inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+ was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Watch this space for information on our next seminar.

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