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By Andy GohFounder and CEO of r+
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While dining at a Kampot cafe, one local dish caught my eye: fried noodles, fried egg, vegetables and spam, served with a chili dip. This might ring a bell for those of us familiar with Fried Bee Hoon. The dish is called Loh See Fun, or as Cambodians term it, Lort Cha.

Struck by this familiar yet different dish, I wondered about the elements that bind our continent of Asia. How did cross border exchanges affect Southeast Asia, such that it impacted cuisine? Small discoveries can open the window to larger insights. This is what we do at r+.

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22 February 2023
r+ Singapore farm cycle prizewinners' draw

We held our r+ Singapore farm cycle prizewinners' draw at the Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) on 18 February 2023. The event, titled A Green Saturday with r+, attracted almost 30 participants, and began with a tour of GUI which showcased its social initiatives. This was followed by an informative micro-greens workshop where participants were educated on […]

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21 May 2023
New Friends and Partnerships

This photo was taken from a friend's farm in Kampot. Specifically, my friend Lai Poon Piau, the Founder of Hong Spices and our pepper supplier for r+ cafe | grains. I first met Poon Piau on 26 April and we both hit it off with our similar ideologies and our belief that business, local cultures […]

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