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Envisioning a Net-Zero Future

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As r+ continues to impart memorable luxury experiences across spectacular locales all around Asia, our commitment towards environmental conservation remains steadfast. The climate crisis is often top of mind, and the hospitality industry has been marked a prominent culprit: an estimated 75% of hotels’ environmental impacts are attributed to excessive consumption of resources [1] — a stigma which r+ strives to eliminate in part through our net-zero goal.

Net-zero is achieved when there is a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and the amount removed from our atmosphere.

Passive design, energy reduction and waste management form three key pillars of our eco-consciousness campaign. These are all essential components in our creation of a circular r+ ecosystem.

We are innovating strategies that not only reduce carbon emissions through optimised energy usage, but also recycle waste. Passive design elements such as naturally ventilated transition spaces allow for air to flow freely across our resorts, while pocket gardens provide cooling nature respites. These features reduce the reliance on internal lighting and excessive air-conditioning.

At r+ koh rong, our villas feature open-plan layouts that ease airflow across the building
Transitional spaces are kept open but sheltered from the elements. They are naturally ventilated by forest breezes, saving energy
Inner courtyards provide enclosed spaces with greenery that aids stack ventilation

Agricultural Technology (AgriTech) has been a staple practice of many farm holdings, and r+ supports its application to increase yields sustainably. Waste from our resorts is recycled into fertiliser. Used water is processed before being channeled to irrigate the fields.

r+ is also a proponent of renewable energy and its benefits. Solar panels from Kamworks will be implemented for our upcoming villas in Koh Rong, Cambodia [2]. The energy harvested is stored in a reservoir, serving as a backup power source.

Solar power is harvested as a source of renewable energy - Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

The transportation sector is arguably the highest contributor towards greenhouse gas emissions globally. Hence, r+ is partnering with Gogoro — a Taiwanese company specialising in the development of electric scooters and battery-swapping refueling platforms [3]. Equipped with an efficient charging mechanism, our guests will enjoy hassle-free and eco-friendly rides.

A future with net-zero emissions charts the path to a better way of life, for life.

For more information, please contact hello@rplus.asia

[1] https://hmhub.in/environmental-concerns-relating-to-hotel-industry/
[2] https://rplus.asia/
[3] https://www.gogoro.com/gogoro-network/

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