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Nature and Development

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It is possible for nature and development to coexist beautifully.

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24 May 2023
A Ripe Opportunity

Our R&D team is just in with a scoop! We are working with Jonah Foods to upcycle unsold mangoes into mango ice cream. This ice cream has 0% added sugars and no milk, yet possesses the creamy texture we crave. Development is still ongoing for Jonah Foods, and the ice cream is expected to become […]

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25 July 2023
A Bright Idea

With its proximity to the equator, Kampot receives an average of 12.6 hours of sunshine per day. r+ takes advantage of these long hours of sun exposure by harvesting solar energy with our solar panels. This way, we apply eco-friendly, renewable energy to decrease our carbon footprint on the local environment.

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