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By Andy GohFounder and CEO of r+
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Back in ancient Greece, the Greeks had something called an agora, an informal open space where people came together to socialise and engage in discussions. Nowadays, us Singaporeans have our Community Centres and Kopitiams as communal spaces to meet and interact. The Internet has also provided platforms ranging from virtual chat rooms to large-scale professional conferences for a global audience to exchange ideas and build rapport.

What about rural areas? While rural communities do have marketplaces and communal spots for socialising, more formal settings are usually absent. r+ seeks to fill the gap. With our r+ cafe | grains, we provide a cosy space for local business communities and non-profit organisations in Kampot to meet, network and socialise over a cup of kopi-o or espresso.

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23 May 2023
Mango Sticky Situation

The farmers of Kampot cultivate several types of mangoes, known by their local names as Keo Romeat, Phomsen and Keo Chen. At this time of the year, the weather is balmy and mangoes are plentiful. However, these fruits may not always reach the processing plants in time or the demand is insufficient, leading to perfectly […]

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10 September 2023
The Tree Line

Kampot's farmland is home to some stunning scenery. At this rubber plantation, one can see a horizon line among the rubber trees. When nature and agriculture combine, the view often gets all the more interesting!

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