Our Founder and CEO, Andy Goh, was part of a Greater Club panel talk advocating for sustainable tourism at the Greater Room on 3rd Nov.

Andy shared the r+ vision of a circular, holistic ecosystem which is self-sustaining and that uplifts the lives of its members, partners and local communities wherever r+ destinations operate.

The brand message of inclusivity, responsible travel and getting back in touch with nature and culture clearly struck a chord with the like-minded audience, who were keen to know more about our upcoming resorts.

Their interest reflected a rise of a new era of well-heeled travellers who desire both authentic experiences and giving back through meaningful engagement, for which r+ will prove exactly what the doctor ordered.

We're charting the way forward for eco-friendly developments. The inaugural Net Zero Experience with r+ was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Watch this space for information on our next seminar.

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