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Rustic Roads

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We often don't take notice of the roads we travel on, taking them for granted. The roads in Kampot have a rustic charm to them, blending in with the natural environment and complementing it.

At r+, we endeavour to work with the environment and local communities' best attributes, complementing and value-adding each other to create sustainable growth.

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15 January 2022
Assembling Destination in Unique Surroundings

We're putting together a series of resorts that comprise moveable modular units that sit lightly on the land. This means we can build a full luxury resort in under half a year, manage it for a time and then move it elsewhere, with minimal impact on the environment.

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20 July 2023

Back in ancient Greece, the Greeks had something called an agora, an informal open space where people came together to socialise and engage in discussions. Nowadays, us Singaporeans have our Community Centres and Kopitiams as communal spaces to meet and interact. The Internet has also provided platforms ranging from virtual chat rooms to large-scale professional […]

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