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Rustic Roads

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We often don't take notice of the roads we travel on, taking them for granted. The roads in Kampot have a rustic charm to them, blending in with the natural environment and complementing it.

At r+, we endeavour to work with the environment and local communities' best attributes, complementing and value-adding each other to create sustainable growth.

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5 June 2023
A Concrete Plan

I've been quite busy over the past week as I travel between Singapore, Cambodia and Taiwan. One thing struck me when I was in Taiwan was the concrete dividers and drains in the Padi fields. It is a common sight to see these Padi Fields with concrete drains by the side of the tarmac road. […]

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30 December 2022
r+ Singapore Farm Cycle 2022 Extended!

There's still time to join in the fun of the r+ Singapore Farm Cycle 2022 as we are extending the event deadline till 31 Jan 2023! More info below http://goto.rplus.asia/SFC22SignUp For participants who missed our previous net zero events, do join us for an online talk at 3pm on 13 Jan 2023 - this will […]

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