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Along the highway in Kampot, you can often see Fruit sellers displaying their wares along the road, such as jackfruit and pineapple. Typically, two pineapples cost just US$1.50.

r+ and our partners appreciate these indicators of simpler living, and take pride in making responsible choices for the environment and the communities that depend on it for their livelihoods.

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15 January 2022
Assembling Destination in Unique Surroundings

We're putting together a series of resorts that comprise moveable modular units that sit lightly on the land. This means we can build a full luxury resort in under half a year, manage it for a time and then move it elsewhere, with minimal impact on the environment.

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17 May 2023
Heart at Work

Work continues apace with the construction of r+ cafe | grains. With the masterful completion of the frame, our guest installer, Gakir, returns to Singapore. We thank him for his invaluable contribution. Gakir, a Bangladeshi based in Singapore, is an expert installer. "I totally enjoyed the trip and will love to come back to Kampot! […]

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