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As summer arrives, watermelon is a classic fruit to beat the heat! Above is a picture of r+ lumo'an located in Taiwan. Nestled in a gorge along Taiping Shan in Yilan, away from the hustle and bustle, is a watermelon farm. Farmers make use of modern technology to cultivate a classic Taiwanese Fruit that is well beloved across the world

Our r+ properties are designed to be sensitive and respectful to the local environment, while providing award winning living spaces for our customers.

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11 May 2023
A New Dawn

We're working around the clock, preparing the ground for our latest dining and accommodation venture. The framework for our lightweight r+ modules is almost complete. Each unit sits on a raised platform in anticipation of the approaching rainy season.

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19 May 2023
A Union of Farm and Nature

While checking out the spice fields at Hong Spices Farm, the scenery caught our attention - crops on one side and wilderness on the other - yet, despite their differences, the effect is one of harmony. Just like this scene, r+ supports meaningful exchanges that complement one another and the environment. We believe that business […]

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