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New Friends and Partnerships

By Andy GohFounder and CEO of r+
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This photo was taken from a friend's farm in Kampot. Specifically, my friend Lai Poon Piau, the Founder of Hong Spices and our pepper supplier for r+ cafe | grains.

I first met Poon Piau on 26 April and we both hit it off with our similar ideologies and our belief that business, local cultures and the environment can mutually benefit one another. Poon Piau was a former Singaporean civil servant and an oil and gas sector professional who chose instead to pursue a simpler country life. Indeed, this simpler life made me nostalgic for my youth, with the farm's front gate reminding me of my own childhood home.

While there is simplicity country life, I wondered about also ensuring a sustainable country life? This would unify local culture, businesses and the environment to create sustainable growth, which is what r+ and our partners seek to achieve.

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