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Due to rising temperatures from climate change, Sanxing scallion farmers are suffering losses from failed or reduced scallion crops.

r+ endeavours to make responsible and sustainable choices, reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible, while providing world-class service to our guests.

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5 June 2023
A Concrete Plan

I've been quite busy over the past week as I travel between Singapore, Cambodia and Taiwan. One thing struck me when I was in Taiwan was the concrete dividers and drains in the Padi fields. It is a common sight to see these Padi Fields with concrete drains by the side of the tarmac road. […]

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21 May 2023
New Friends and Partnerships

This photo was taken from a friend's farm in Kampot. Specifically, my friend Lai Poon Piau, the Founder of Hong Spices and our pepper supplier for r+ cafe | grains. I first met Poon Piau on 26 April and we both hit it off with our similar ideologies and our belief that business, local cultures […]

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