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Man or the Sea?

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Preparations continue for r+ cafe | grains. While discussions continue with our chef, the scenery caught our attention. For locals in Kampot, the sea has always been a source of their livelihoods, providing sustenance and income with the seafood fishermen catch.

A question then came to mind: Where does our fish come from? A case can be made for either the fishermen or the sea itself. At r+, we view that both the environment and local producers are important, and we endeavour to work with both to achieve sustainable growth.

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23 May 2023
Mango Sticky Situation

The farmers of Kampot cultivate several types of mangoes, known by their local names as Keo Romeat, Phomsen and Keo Chen. At this time of the year, the weather is balmy and mangoes are plentiful. However, these fruits may not always reach the processing plants in time or the demand is insufficient, leading to perfectly […]

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31 May 2023
Relishing the Local

We are casting for inspiration at local establishments as we sample foods to shortlist the best representatives of Kampot cuisine. r+ is launching a "Flavors of Kampot" dining concept, where we'll be featuring a different chef regularly at r+ cafe | grains. Diners can expect mouth-watering dishes prepared with world-class techniques and service.

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