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Man or the Sea?

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Preparations continue for r+ cafe | grains. While discussions continue with our chef, the scenery caught our attention. For locals in Kampot, the sea has always been a source of their livelihoods, providing sustenance and income with the seafood fishermen catch.

A question then came to mind: Where does our fish come from? A case can be made for either the fishermen or the sea itself. At r+, we view that both the environment and local producers are important, and we endeavour to work with both to achieve sustainable growth.

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7 February 2022
Our founder, Andy Goh, was just featured on ChannelNewsAsia

Our founder, Andy Goh, was just featured on ChannelNewsAsia The Singapore company building luxury hotels in Asia using shipping container units Link: https://cnaluxury.channelnewsasia.com/people/singapore-hospitality-brand-r-andy-goh-194336

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3 July 2023
I Avocadon't Believe it!

Would you have expected avocados from Kampot? Kampot Avocados are similar to their South American cousin, with an oval shape, while also having their beloved taste. r+ uncovers the hidden gems of nature and shares them with you!

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